Biji U Dua-Dua Nampak

November 09, 2022

A chinese auntie went to post office to renew her road tax. A young malay boy was at the counter.

Chinese auntie: "I want to renew my road tax!"

Malay boy: "Apa nombor plat ...?"
Chinese auntie: "Biji u dua dua nampak ...!"

Malay boy was shy, he then adjusted his trouser and he asked the auntie again: "Apa nombor plat?"
Chinese auntie: "Saya sudah cakap ... biji u dua dua nampak ...?!"

Malay boy was shy more and rechecked his trouser again: "..... ???"
Chinese auntie then wrote down:        " BGU2264 "

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