DAMN Cheated 😝

September 12, 2020

Sharing from a close friend:

I know a girl on the Internet.
Beautiful, and sexy ...
After some chat, I feel attracted.
Yesterday she asked me to go to her house and said:
My husband is on a business trip, I’m alone.

I am very cautious and Asked:
Will the husband suddenly come back?

She said: No.
Just in case he does.
You just say:
You are from the cleaning company.
The company sent you to clean.
Rubbing the glass or something.
Anyway, the New Year is coming.
My husband won't doubt it.

I was at her house, and a big coincidence.
Not even minutes in the house. Her husband is back.
I haven't even touched her hand yet.

I have to be quiet and pretend to do cleaning, wiping windows, clean the kitchen and floor.
Also tidy the bedrooms and wash the bathroom ....
His husband is next to me giving all kinds of instructions.

When finished and about to leave.
Her husband asked: How much?
She said: I have already paid the company.

On the way home.
The more I think about it, the more I felt DAMN cheated 😰 ...

CNY is around the corner, cleaners is hard to find, beware of the new scam.
Every man should be alerted ... 😂😂😂

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